Indicators of autism spectrum disorder in young children

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Autism spectrum disorder is a lifelong disability that affects one in 100 children. The main areas of difficulty are in social and communication skills, and restricted or repetitive behaviors. Although there Is no one Indicator, there are several signs that could suggest autism spectrum disorder.

Social Interaction and communication

  • Not pointing or waving by 12 months.
  • Looks away when you speak to him/her.
  • Does not return your smile.
  • Lack of interest in other children.
  • Often seems to be in his/her own world.
  • Lack of ability to imitate simple motor movements eq. clapping hands.
  • Prefers to play alone.
  • Very limited social play (eg “Peek-a-Boo” ).
  • Unusual language pattern (e.g. repetitive speech).
  • Loss of words previously used.
  • Not responding to his/her name by 12 months.

More About Autism

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